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3 thoughts on “ Toxic Overload (Fresh Mix) - Defcon 69 - Toxic Overload (Vinyl)

  1. Jul 02,  · Six symptoms of toxic overload. Fatigue: if there is an excess of toxins in your body, your body is going to try and get rid of those toxins. That’s where your liver and kidneys come in. These organs are responsible for detoxification processes in the body. If there’s toxic build-up and they’re overworking to rid you of that build-up, it.
  2. Jun 24,  · The hormones primarily affected by toxic overload are thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol and insulin. The thyroid gland controls metabolism by secreting fat-burning hormones. Toxins slow down the secretion of these hormones, inducing weight gain. Pancreas produces the hormone insulin. When we eat unhealthy foods, our sugar levels spike.
  3. Last updated March 1, by Lisa Richards, CNC Reviewed by Katie Stone, ND.. Toxic Overload: 13 Ways You Can Detox Naturally. Today’s modern lifestyle is a minefield of toxins. There are chemicals and pollutants in our air, our food, our drinking water and even the products we apply to our skin.

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