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  1. Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth 超 (ちょう) 古 (こ) 深 (しん) 海 (かい) 王 (おう) シーラカンス; English: Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth: Chinese: 超古深海王 空棘魚.
  2. The Coelacanth is a fish dating back to the early Devonian. Independent drift-hunting prehistoric fish, Coelacanth are normally passive aquatic creatures. They have around 10 HP of health, and they deal a simple 2 HP of attack damage. Coelacanth will hunt squids and Diet: Krill & Plankton.
  3. Nov 04,  · Name: Coelacanth HNI vingdisclangnirempfarhandlogebirdwirec.xyzinfo Value: 15, Location: Ocean when Raining or Snowing Shadow: Longest Size Range:
  4. Synonyms for Coelocanth in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Coelocanth. 1 synonym for coelacanth: Latimeria chalumnae. What are synonyms for Coelocanth?
  5. coelacanth: see lobefin lobefin, common name for any of a group of lunged, fleshy-finned, bony fishes, also called crossopterygians, that were dominant in the Devonian period and.
  6. Apr 19,  · A team of divers off the coast of South Africa comes face to face with a Coelacanth.
  7. Any of various fish having lobed, fleshy fins. They are the only living varieties of an ancient order of lobe-finned fish. Coelacanths were thought to be extinct until a living species was discovered in The American Heritage® Student Science Dictionary, Second Edition.
  8. Apr 21,  · The first thing you should know is that the Coelacanth’s shadow is pretty huge. So if you see a big fish swimming under water, there’s a chance that it’s Coelacanth. It is available all year round in both hemispheres and active all day in the sea. But there’s a catch – it will only spawn if it’s raining.
  9. Jun 12,  · In real life, Coelacanth's meat is actually bad for humans, as it contains oil, wax, urea, and other compounds that are hard to be digested. This could cause diarrhea. This is pointed out in the dossier, which states meat of Coelacanth nutritia contains less oil and urea than those of other Coelocanth species making it more suitable for vingdisclangnirempfarhandlogebirdwirec.xyzinfo: Fish.

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